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Senhare Consulting Services (PTY) Ltd

**Thousand Blessings**

About Us

SENHARE Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd is a consulting firm specializing in the design, implementation and maintenance of the quality management systems in line with ISO 17025 and ISO 9001.  The unique approach of blending the training of personnel, business process flow, the requirements of the standard and regulations, corporate governance and balancing the bottom line of the customer has been the key to our success.


To design quality management systems documents that meets the requirements of the relevant standard and accreditation body

To facilitate training on the relevant standards, internal auditing, corporate governance, method validation and uncertainty of measurement as well as executive development programmes

To provide mentorship to key personnel to ensure the effective implementation and maintenance of the quality management system

To provide guidance on the process to ensure continuous improvement and growth of the management systems

To assist with the cost analysis of the accreditation process and balance the work flow and quality requirements to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction


Implement a quality management system including corporate governance structures in timely, cost effective and realistic services ensuring the optimization of all resources to meet the requirements of the international standards for continual growth of the organisation. 


The trusted and respected consultant providing an excellent and cost effective service. 


The intention is to build dynamic and long lasting relationships with the customer while working passionately, honestly, confidentially, ethically and ensuring that the environment is protected, sustainability of organisations and communities benefit.